Skyrocketing Interest

Alright, it’s been about five months or so since I even heard of tiny houses and the whole “tiny home movement” thing. As soon as I saw them on television, I knew they would take off because, one, they are low-cost, two, they are low-maintenance, and three, they are better all-around for the environment. What I didn’t expect, is how fast they would take off!

I mentioned in an earlier post on The Tiny Home Facebook page that after spending time at an open house put on by Steve Zaleschuk of Finished Right Contracting, I saw the potential and the interest from people who attended. At that point he had built two tinys and was working on his third. Since then we have got orders for six more! SIX MORE…and it’s only been like three months since the open house. That’s insane! At that pace I may be able to quit my full-time job and just design tiny houses for a living soon.

The Laws & Bylaws

Now, because I know one of the biggest questions regarding buying or building a tiny home is “where am I allowed to park it?”, I am trying to contact as many municipalities as possible to find out where they stand regarding tiny homes in their jurisdiction. I will try to get a list going on here and try as much as possible to keep it updated, although we always recommend doing your due diligence and homework before you move forward.

Send Me Your Feedback

More people are starting to discover this blog and The Tiny Home Page on Facebook and I love it. What I would love more is your feedback! Give me some comments on each post, send me messages, send me an email, send me photos of your tiny house, send me your ideas, stories, etc. I plan to start a Gallery page where I will display photos sent in by you guys. I also plan to start a Stories page where I will display your tiny home stories and an Ideas page where I will display great space-saving ideas, design ideas, etc. so stay tuned for those.

For right now, I am busy designing so talk to you all later.



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