Lasqueti Island Living

If you want to see minimalist living at it’s finest, or want to hang out for a few days to see if living with less is for you, then I suggest you head to a small island just off Parksville, British Columbia called Lasqueti Island.

The island inhabits about 300-400 people, many of whom grow things, make things, build things, and most of all…share things. They have a special area dedicated to free items that people leave if they no longer need or want them, so others may take them to use.

There is no grocery store on the island, so many grow their own food, keep chickens and hunt for wild food sources. With so little ‘processed’ or ‘manufactured’ items on the island, there is very little waste. Most use a composting toilet.

It’s a place where the housing is interesting and mostly…tiny!


Oh yah, there is also a pack of free-roaming St. Bernards


Lasqueti is further proof that you don’t need all the luxuries of life to live. You don’t need a big house or a car. All you need is love, peace, and happiness!

Here is a helpfull link to their website where you can find more information about visiting and living on Lasqueti Island.


2 thoughts on “Lasqueti Island Living”

    1. Umm…not for a long period of time…well technically all 3 of my jobs require me to be on the grid so as long as I needed my jobs I couldn’t lol.


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