Hi there! Thanks for visiting my blog and potentially delving into the huge world of Tiny Homes. This page is going to tell you a little bit about me and my discovery of the Tiny Home Movement.

Back in the Summer of 2016 I had never even heard the terms Tiny Home or Tiny House. I had no idea that there was this Tiny Home Movement that was sweeping people from their couple thousand square foot houses and into spaces under 500 square feet. I came home from work one day and my wife said she wanted to show me a new idea she saw on a television show. The show was Tiny House Big Living on HGTV, and I was instantly hooked on the idea.

After watching a whole season of Tiny House Big Living, I started watching Tiny House Hunters as well. I knew this was my destiny. I knew I wanted to design Tiny Homes. I knew I wanted to live in a Tiny Home.

I have been in the Construction and Engineering industries for over twenty years. First as a Structural Steel Detailer, then a Designer/Labourer building skid-shacks, then a Civil Land Development Technologist, then a Grocery Store Designer, then a Project Estimator, and now a Project Manager/Draftsman for a structural engineering company. I have literally designed and drawn up plans for every type of building there is.

In October of 2016 I started looking up local Tiny Home Builders on the internet. One in particular caught my eye because of his care and attention to detail together with the way he builds his tiny homes to meet, or usually exceed the building codes for residential building. I emailed him and just basically said I was looking to branch out and do some design work on the side of my full-time job and I would do some design work for free to build up my portfolio. He wrote back and said my timing was perfect because he was just looking for someone like me to do exactly what I do.

So far I have learned so much about Tinys, as we call them, and the demand for them. There is no doubt the demand is there big-time. The problem is there is nowhere to put them. In our neck of the woods, the only place you can put a tiny is an RV park or private land outside the urban areas. There are glimmers of hope though as more urban centers like Vancouver start to accept and introduce tinys into the community.

I decided to start The Tiny Home Blog and The Tiny Home Facebook page to bring people together to share info, photos, stories and more, all in one common place. I hope you find it fun and/or useful and spread the word about the Tiny Home Movement.