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Zyl Vados

I came across a Facebook post about Zyl Vados. For those who don’t know, as I didn’t before now, this post is about Tiny Homes that are beyond your traditional shed-roofed boxes (which I am not against for the record).

Abel Zyl is the Founder of Zyl Vados, a company based out of Olympia, Washington that creates “unforgettable tiny houses and art structures”. He has over twenty-five years experience in residential building and has also done AC electricity, theatrical lighting, mechanical drafting and marine construction (which shows in most of his tiny home designs). Abel is also a founding member of the American Tiny House Association and is the consulting board member for construction and design.

As mentioned on his website, he (and his work) have been featured on HGTV, National Geographic News, Forbes Magazine, OPB’s State of Wonder, ADR Germany TV, The San Francisco Globe, and in the book Tiny Homes on the Move, by Lloyd Khan.

Abel has been building Tiny Homes since 2007, long before the whole “Tiny Home Movement” picked up steam. His designs begin as pencil sketches, and then models and finally, beautiful handcrafted works of art.

There is no question, Zyl and his team, and Family, create some of the most eye-catching tiny homes ever seen! Visit the Facebook page and Instagram account to see way more awesome photos.

The “Gypsy Wagon”

When Steve contacted me and told me that we were going to be working on a Gypsy Wagon, I honestly didn’t know what to think. So naturally I googled it, and this is what came up…

Turns out, I wasn’t far off. To get the “Gypsy” look and feel, we needed to definitely have two things…a rounded roof, and bright colours! The wagon wheels would have been awesome, but unfortunately not realistic lol.

Steve and the crew did an amazing job of creating the “Gypsy Wagon”. Rounded roof, bright colours and the beautiful craftsmanship on the interior is beyond compare. There isn’t much to the interior of this one as it was intended to be mostly used for camping by the owner.

A “Superhouse” Update

The “Superhouse” is a 34-foot Tiny Home I had the pleasure to work on with Steve from Finished Right Contracting. Since being completed, one of the owners has started a blog of her own and in her most recent post provided us with an update on how they added a flat-deck trailer as a front deck.



There are those who love the tiny home idea and who have a tiny home built with all new materials…and then there is Savannah. Savannah is a huge fan of minimalism and living off the land and recycling old materials, which you will easily spot in her tiny home design.

I have helped Steve Zaleschuk with about 6 or 7 designs now, but this one is a bit different. Different because I have actually interacted with Savannah. Kind of got to know her, even if it’s just a little. I also love what her and Steve have done with the interior and the exterior. From using old doors and metal cladding to the upcycled handles on the cabinets and drawers. I also love the exposed copper piping in the bathroom. The second-hand claw-foot tub, the old vanity from her Dad’s childhood.

Have a look and let me know what you think…