Stay in a Tiny House Instead of a Hotel!

Like pretty much most other families, we have relatives that live all over the place, and with three kids and a grand-daughter on-board, it’s hard to stay with relatives sometimes. So naturally we grab a hotel. The kids used to love it because when they were little they would go swimming in the hotel pool. Now the kids are teenagers, so they don’t care so much about swimming. Plus, we got to thinking, why spend easily over $100 on a hotel when we check in at 4pm and check out at 11am? That’s not even 24 hours!

Well now there are new, and more economical, and fun options popping up. A startup called Gateway, builds, and rents tiny cabins for your getaway in the woods. Really, a great idea, and for around the same cost as a hotel, you can not only enjoy the silence, but you have a kitchenette to cook up some grub, and who can beat being in the outdoors with nature all around?


Here is a link to the original article and a link to the Getaway website.


Who Doesn’t Love a Tree-house?

I think at some point in everyone’s life they wish they had a tree-house. What’s not to love about tree-houses? They are small, awesome…and in a tree!

Here is a pretty cool tree-house I came across. It was designed by tree-house specialist Andreas Wenning. It is located in Berlin, Germany and is on a property that also has a second tree-house on it. As always, I have just provided a few pics, but you can view the whole story here.

Photo credits to Laura Fiorio and The Urban Tree House